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A Message from the Chairman

Robert M. Hitt III, Secretary of Commerce

After the first round of grants were awarded in 2013, the South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) continues its effort to ensure all South Carolina communities – from distressed to developed – are positioned for success.

The RIA has led that effort through its statewide financing programs which have awarded grant assistance to advance 200 water and sewer infrastructure projects across South Carolina. Totaling more than $74 million and benefiting more than 160,000 residential and business customers, these grant projects have significant environmental and economic benefits.

Since 2015, 27 loans financed through the State Revolving Loan Funds program were closed, reflecting close to $206 million in additional infrastructure investment.

Working with local officials, RIA identifies the community projects most in need and works to address infrastructure issues that have the potential to hinder economic development and growth.

The work done at RIA is truly important to the state's economy as a whole. Such investments in infrastructure build the capacity that residents and businesses rely on and improve the quality of life for all who live, work and play in our state.


Robert M. Hitt III
Secretary, SC Department of Commerce
Chairman, SC Rural Infrastructure Authority

State of Business Podcast

The RIA is helping to build the infrastructure capacity to maximize economic opportunities in rural areas. RIA’s Executive Director, Bonnie Ammons, provides an overview in “The State of Business” podcast sponsored by the SC Department of Commerce.