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The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) makes grant assistance available in two competitive program categories:


Funding will assist communities in bringing facilities into compliance with environmental quality standards, protecting the public health from other environmental concerns or improving the capacity of existing infrastructure.


Funding will help build local infrastructure capacity to support economic development that will create or retain jobs and boost opportunities for long-term community sustainability.

The maximum grant award for both categories is typically $500,000.

Grants - How to Apply

Applicants interested in seeking grant assistance from the RIA will find all necessary information about the grant program categories, funds available, priorities and the eligibility and application requirements in the Program Strategy, published annually. Most grants are considered in a competitive process and applications must clearly document the need for the project, scope of work and results to be achieved.

Applicants are expected to cost-share in project activities. At a minimum, the applicant is responsible for all planning, engineering, permitting, acquisition, legal or other non-construction related costs. There is an additional match requirement, depending on the location of the project. Additional leveraging beyond the required match increases a project’s competitiveness.

Applications will be considered on a competitive basis in two funding cycles during the spring and fall. Check the calendar for due dates. Workshops are held each year to help guide applicants through the process. To submit a project for consideration, an application may be downloaded from this website, or requested at info@ria.sc.gov or (803) 737-0390.

Match Requirements
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