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SRF LOANS – How to Apply


Low-interest loans are available to municipalities, counties and special purpose districts for clean water and drinking water projects.

Clean Water SRF

Eligible activities include waste water treatment plants, interceptors, collection systems and related facilities, line relocation for road widening and non-point source improvements. Projects may address environmental, growth or economic development needs. Specific examples include:

• New, Upgrade or Expansion of a Waste Water Treatment Plant
• Sewer Line Rehabilitation or Replacement
• New or Rehabilitated Pump Stations
• New or Improved Collection Systems
• Non-point Source Projects
• Relocation of Sewer Lines due to Road Widening Projects

Drinking Water SRF

Eligible activities include water supply/distribution facilities needed to achieve or maintain compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and relocation of water lines for highway widening projects. Examples of Drinking Water Projects include:

• New, Upgrade or Expansion of a Surface Water Treatment Plant
• Water Storage Facilities
• New or Rehabilitation of Water Lines
• Looping of Distribution Lines
• Interconnecting Systems
• Addition of New Wells
• Water Meter Replacement
• Relocation of Water Lines due to Road Widening Projects

How to Obtain a Loan:

The first step in receiving SRF assistance is submission of a Project Questionnaire (PQ) to the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). A PQ may be submitted at any time. Projects are evaluated and scored based on a Priority Ranking System and placed on a Comprehensive Priority List (CPL) of SRF projects.  An Intended Use Plan (IUP) is published annually which describes how SRF funding is anticipated to be used and includes a list of projects from the CPL that are expected to proceed during the fiscal year. The process is as follows:

• Submit project questionnaire to DHEC - project listed on CPL.
• Project appears in published IUP.
• Submit preliminary financial information to the Office of Local Government (OLG). Contact OLG for more information.
• After notice that the preliminary financial review was successful, proceed with meeting the SRF technical requirements.
• Consult with DHEC for guidance on preparing a PER and the plans and specifications.
• A loan application should be submitted to OLG about 30 days prior to submission of the plans and specifications to DHEC.
• Once the construction permit is issued, the project must be competitively procured prior to loan closing.
• From October 1 through July 31 of each fiscal year, the OLG will accept loan applications for projects that are working with DHEC to meet the SRF technical requirements.