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What We Do

The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) was created to help close the gap in financial resources for infrastructure improvements and lay the groundwork for economic development. RIA programs and assistance are designed to meet one or more of the following objectives:

  • Increase community sustainability by helping to maintain reliable and affordable infrastructure;
  • Improve the quality of life by addressing public health, environmental and regulatory concerns; and
  • Create opportunities for economic impact by building the infrastructure capacity necessary to support economic development.


RIA awards competitive grant assistance to qualifying infrastructure projects through the Office of Grant Programs. Qualifying projects include water, sewer, and storm drainage improvements. To date, $74 million in grants have been awarded. 


The State Revolving Funds (SRF) staffed by the Office of Local Government and jointly administered with the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control provide a low-cost financing option for both urban and rural communities to invest in water, waste water and storm water improvements. Over $1.4 billion in loans have been approved since 1989, helping to protect public health, the environment and the quality of life for South Carolinians.


One of the RIA’s key roles is to serve as a resource for communities to access technical or financial assistance. The RIA can provide information about a range of possible resources to fit identified needs. RIA also works collaboratively with other partners to coordinate assistance and serve as a catalyst for further investment in rural communities.

State of Business Podcast

The RIA is helping to build the infrastructure capacity to maximize economic opportunities in rural areas. RIA’s Executive Director, Bonnie Ammons, provides an overview in “The State of Business” podcast sponsored by the SC Department of Commerce.

Grants Awarded
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