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Who We Are

The SC Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) was established by the General Assembly under Title 11, Chapter 50 of the South Carolina Code of Laws and its purpose is to select and assist in financing qualified rural and other infrastructure projects statewide. Those investments address an essential public purpose by improving environmental facilities that will meet public health and environmental standards or aiding in the development of trade, commerce, industry, agriculture and employment opportunities.

The RIA is governed by a Board of Directors (Board), including six members who reside in or represent distressed and/or least developed counties. The Secretary of Commerce serves as Chairman. The Board develops an annual program strategy that guides the programs and funding to be made available and the process for selecting qualified projects to receive grant assistance from the RIA. All grant funding decisions are made by the Board.

Board of Directors

• Robert M. Hitt, III - S.C. Department of Commerce

• Michael A. Pitts - Vice-Chairman, State Representative
• David E. Anderson - Anderson Brothers Bank
• William Clyburn - State Representative
• Michael Gambrell - State Senator
• William Kellahan, Jr. - Kellahan & Associates
• Jack W. Shuler - Palmetto Agribusiness Council

Organizational Structure

The RIA’s initial purpose was to address the infrastructure financing needs of rural communities. The Restructuring Act of 2014 transferred the Office of Local Government within the SC Budget and Control Board to the RIA effective July 1, 2015. The RIA is now comprised of two offices – the Office of Grant Programs, which awards competitive grants statewide, and the Office of Local Government, which manages the financial and loan components of the State Revolving Funds (SRF) for the Drinking Water and Clean Water Programs. The SRF loan programs are also statewide. The State Fiscal Accountability Authority provides oversight for SRF financial policies and agreements.

Our Team

• Bonnie Ammons - Executive Director
• Pamela Gantt - Administrative Assistant

Office of Grant Programs

• Jackie Mack - Senior Program Manager
• Eric Melaro - Program Manager
• Liz Rosinski - Senior Program Manager + Marketing and Outreach

Office of Local Government

• Trish Comp - Program Director
• James Absher - Senior Financial Analyst
• Noel Hebert - Senior Financial Analyst
• Holley Sparkman - Loan Administration

A Message from the Chairman

Read a message from the Chairman of the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority's Board of Directors and Secretary of the Department of Commerce, Robert M. Hitt III.